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The harvesting of olives in Masclianae starts at the end of October.

These hand-picked fruits are carefully selected and put in well ventilated plastic crates, then transported the same day to the press with two-phase system for cold crushing between 20 and 25 ° C.

This cold pressed olive oil is graded as an « Extra Virgin Olive Oil »according to its organoleptic and physiochemical proprieties fixed By International Olive Council (IOC) standards. In fact , This oil has free acidity of no more than 0,3% ( < 0,80 %) and a high content of oleic acid ( more than 70%) wich is very benefic for human health

Masclianae extra virgin olive oil is oil with excellent flavor and odor. It is distinguished by its  natural  taste of green almond.
To ensure maximum freshness  over time, the olive oil is filtered and then stored under nitrogen in stainless steel food containers to avoid deteriorative changes in the chemical and nutritional properties.